Monday, June 14, 2010

Ignite Seattle --- It’s Your Move

imageI was proud to have been selected from the 80+ entries as a presenter at the Ignite Seattle event this evening. I’m going to do a presentation on something where everyone can play a part.


Hint: Today, June 14 2010 is World Blood Donation Day. For 2010 Barcelona, Spain is the capital city for blood donors.

Want to see my presentation?

Well, if you are in Seattle please come to the King Kat Theater and see it live. If you cannot do that check out the live USTREAM. And if that doesn’t work … I will post the slides here later tonight and the video too. As soon as I get it.

Tonight I will be highlighting a few areas where YOU can get involved. Including the Donor Party – in August where you can swim across Lake Washington and give the Gift of Life. They also need Volunteers to help out – kayaking, Stand Up Paddle boarders, etc. to help guide and protect the swimmers.


Everyone can do something. I hope to see you tonight at the King Kat Theater and perhaps my (not so subtle) call to action will inspire you to take action.

It’s Your Move!

A few other Blood Donation related items:

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