From “OW” to “WOW”

imageWhen you think about speaking in public do your palms sweat?

Do you envision the audience in their underwear like Marcia Brady?


Well, a little stage fright and nervous energy are usually a good thing. It means you care about your topic and you care about your audience. 

With a little help you can bypass the sweaty palms and learn a few more tips and tricks for speaking both in public and in small groups. This is where Toastmasters comes in.

What I learned this week?

I learned that Dave Waldo (A Goldenbell Toastmasters Member) was bitten by the Speaking Bug when he was in high school. He said he wasn’t very good when he started, but he got better. He said with time time and practice he went From OW to WOW.

What’s it going to take for you to get
by the Speaking Bug?


Have you ever thought about Toastmasters? Maybe not, but more than likely you probably have thought about public speaking and perhaps even improving your speaking skills. This is where Toastmasters comes in.

Don’t worry … it’s not all about giving Toasts. However, you will probably learn how to give a great toast. You will also learn how to give an impromptu speech, how to evaluate someone else’s speech and, of course, to give speeches yourself. The best part about it is that you are learning and growing among friends. Friends that WANT to see you succeed. This is where Toastmasters comes in.

Open House – You’re Invited!

imageNext week, Nov 18th the Goldenbell Toastmasters team is hosting an open house.

We meet at the Symetra Building in Bellevue located at 777 108th Ave NE in the West Conference Room on the first floor.

When: Thursdays 6:30AM - 8:00AM. Yes, that’s 6:30 AM.

Come by any time and leave when you need to. We are looking forward to meeting people that are interested in expanding their speaking skills … which also means expanding your listening skills.

Where to Park --- for Free? 

Las Margaritas has been kind enough to allow us to park in their lot on 108th – as long as we are out by 9AM. Thank you Las Margaritas!

image We hope to see you you on Thursday, November 18th at the Symetra Building. Look for Kurt, Jerry, Diann and others that will be greeting people and showing you the ropes for how Toastmasters meetings work


What if you don’t live near Bellevue?


Never Fear --- there are thousands of Toastmasters clubs all around the world.

They meet at different days and times – Find one near you at the Toastmasters web site.