My new Favorite Hotel in NYC

It’s not often you get to rave about a hotel. Well, at least it’s not often for me. However, I’ve gotta say … I’ve found my new favorite hotel in New York City.

Drum Roll Please …. It’s The Jewel facing Rockefeller Center.

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The view down the street Radio City Music Hall

It’s a relatively new hotel. Some glitches are to be expected. There was a minor glitch on my check in. Not a show stopper though. The person at the very avant-garde check-in station handled it with aplomb. Which proved a point I have made many times about ECM systems.

The best workflow solutions have graceful exception handling.

The customer service team is Incredible100_9413!

They are practicing what I call Ritz-Carlton service. I realize that is a different hotel chain. The Ritz is known for their attention to detail and their desire to please the customer … no matter what. I think The Jewel New York is well on their way to this level of service.

I will be going back and I will bring my family too. I’m recommending The Jewel here in the hopes that you will check them out and that you enjoy the same level of exceptional customer service. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and you too will claim The Jewel facing Rockefeller Center as your new favorite hotel.


Image Credits: Jeff Shuey (taken with my Kodak Point & Shoot)


Clickon said…
Really,This one great hotel in NYC.I like this hotel and hotel service.This one hotel is really favorite hotel of the NYC.I like this famous and classic hotel.