The 3P’s of WPC

Are you going to Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in July? If yes, see you there. If not, you might want to reconsider.

The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is the place to meet with both Microsoft staffers and with partners. If you are new to the idea of WPC --- take the time to read Liza Sisler’s Top 11 WPC Tips and Tricks. If you have been to a few WPC’s I hope the 3P’s below resonate with you. If you have a few other suggestions please add them to the comments below.

Without further ado … these are my 3P’s for a successful WPC event.

The 3P’s of WPC

Products -

    • Office 365 - Microsoft will have just launched Office 365.
    • What is Microsoft Azure?
    • What’s new with SharePoint?
    • What’s happening with MSCRM?

These are but a few examples of the Microsoft products that will be highlighted. Learn what these mean to your business and to your customers business.

imageIs this the year to go All In?

WPC is a safe environment for people to LEARN about new products and about new partners. Ask the questions you may not be able to ask back at the office.

We cannot and should not forget the next P --- the Worldwide Partner conference is about PARTNERS!


  • Who's doing what you do?
  • Who’s doing what you WANT to do?
    • Microsoft partners are a friendly bunch and they are often looking for the same things you are. How to grow their business. How to work more effectively with Microsoft and with other partners.
  • Are there partners that you want to meet?
  • How do you find them?
    • Definitely walk the Exhibitor Halls.
    • Also, look them up with the Structured Networking tool. The tool will give you recommendations about partners, people, regions and more.


  • Meet your peers. They may be doing what you do … perhaps in a different country or in a different way. Meet them at the Structured Networking sessions, strike up a conversation in the lunch line or on the bus (See Liza Sisler’s #7 and #9)
  • Chat them up. Find out what’s working for them. Share ideas, share best practices. Who knows … you may find a kindred spirit and perhaps a new partner.
  • After you have registered for the conference

These are my 3P’s of WPC. What are your tips and tricks for a successful WPC? Please feel free to add a comment below or drop me a line via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

imageCheck out the web site for more details here: 

Follow the event on Twitter here @WPCLA and Hashtag: #WPC11

Thanks to the Microsoft Partner Network team for setting up this event and making it possible for all of us to keep the Microsoft Partner Community growing and going strong.