SharePoint Saturday - The Conference Wrap Up

If you made it to the first ever SharePoint Saturday – The Conference event in Washington, DC you know how much was going on. There were over 2000 people in attendance and 190+ speaking sessions. There was a lot of sharing going on. It was great to meet with industry analysts, thought leaders and practitioners that are willing to share what they know. One of the best attributes of the people in the SharePoint community is their willingness to share what they know.


Why Share?

A common misunderstanding in the SharePoint World is that everyone knows everything. This could not be farther from the truth. Like with all things there are experts and there are newbies. In the SharePoint community these two seemingly disparate groups come together and share what they know.

Partners Make It Happen

SharePoint is a Platform which means there are a lot of different directions to go with the product. Partners are the ones that have embraced and extended the SharePoint platform to design, develop and deploy solutions that meet a wide range of needs.

Kodak had several partners present their solutions at the conference. We’d like to thank them for making the time to prepare and present their expertise in several aspects of the Document Management, Records Management, Workflow and Search aspects of SharePoint deployments.

Click on the logo of the partner below to get their presentation. I will update these over the next few days with additional information including some video we captured.

image image
ImageTech Systems Compu-Data
image image

SharePoint Directions


The sharing didn’t stop with the people attending the event. A lot of people helped some of the local shelters by collecting the soap, shampoo and toiletries from their hotel rooms. This was organized by @joyknows @rimazima and @cyberslate with special kudos to Rima (aka @rimazima) – she went the extra mile. This is just another way the SharePoint Community gives back.


We partnered with @joyknows to collect toiletries and cell phones for victims of domestic violence. Filled the box several times over... Thanks to all #spstcdc attendees who answered the call!

This was pulled together by:

Women in SharePoint DC:
A FEDSPUG Special Interest Group

Meet The Organizers

  • Michael Lotter – Michael is the Father of SharePoint Saturday. He has done a lot of tireless work to build the brand that has become SharePoint Saturday. @michaellotter
  • Jen Davis – Jen was the woman on the spot. She helped coordinate all the moving parts including all the back channel tasks that keep events running smoothly. @Jensterd
  • Dux - In case you don’t know Dux (aka @MeetDux) was one of the event organizers. He had a lot on his plate, as did all of the other volunteers that put in their time, effort and sweat to make this event such a success.
  • The Orange Shirts – If you attended the event you inevitably saw a lot of people in bright orange shirts. These were the volunteers and they were everywhere. I met a few of them and you probably did too. I’d like to thank them to all of them for their early mornings and late nights.

Why was Kodak at SharePoint Saturday – The Conference?

Kodak was there to talk about An Underappreciated Asset

One of the goals of the event for Kodak and our partners was to show that Paper is an Asset and to show how to manage paper wisely across businesses of all sizes.

From the pre-event post: SharePoint Skills Up For Grabs

Paper is not going away. The smart companies are treating paper like the asset it is and using SharePoint to help get a handle on their paper based assets. Government agencies and Regulatory Requirements are driving the need to manage paper --- those that manage paper most effectively win.

We think we accomplished this and we encourage people to ask us where we can help them manage their paper based assets. A great place to start is with the recently announced Kodak Scan-and-View software. The first product from Kodak exclusively for the Microsoft SharePoint environment.

We Want You to Get Started Today?

imageDownload a FREE 30 Day evaluation of Kodak’s Scan-and-View product. Start here – – enter your country information and click on the Test Drive Now button.


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