Surfing Comes to New York

SNAGHTML10c01971This NPR article was mainly talking about this being the first time the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) brought a contest to New York.

The big question was … Is there Surf in New York?

It also got me thinking --- Are Surfers the Ultimate Athlete?

The Savior of Surfing in New York

imageThe Hudson Canyon … a 400 mile long underwater trench that extends from Long Island out into the Atlantic Ocean. It turns out that Hudson Canyon is the savior of New York surfing as Sean Collins from Surfline explains in the NPR segment where he relies on Bathymetry to predict when and where the best waves will break.

Bathymetry - The study of underwater ocean floors

Sean Collins of Surfline predicted the best time for a surfing event in New York would be September. Of course, he didn’t know that tropical storms Irene and Katia would be influencing the surf. However, his models did enable him to predict that there would be some sort of storm brewing that would make September the right month for a surfing contest in New York.

He was right!

See the Mechanics of Long Beach above.

The NPR segment also got me thinking ….

Could Surfers be the Ultimate Athlete? (see post here)

Image Credits: Surfline