TED Talks ROCK -- My Top Five

imageToday, I was asked by @WindyCitySocial about my favorite TED Talks. While it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just a few talks I have put together a list of my top 5 picks for this week. Maybe I’ll make this a regular blog post with my Picks of the Week.

In case you don’t know what TED is … you should.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

But, really, TED stands for so much more. TED Talks are a chance to peek into the minds of some of the smartest people on the planet. TED Talks provide a unique opportunity to hear and see incredible ideas and stories about things that we may never get a chance to see in person and often about things that affect us all. Put simply … TED Talks ROCK!

imageMy Current Top 5 TED Talks

Note: They change every week as new stuff pops up … either by people sending them to me or by using the very cool “Inspire me” option on the iPad.


A 12-year-old app developer

Need I say more? A 12 year old software developer …
this is our future.


Eric Sanderson pictures New York -- before the City

An incredible look at the
history of The Big Apple


Daniel Kraft: Medicine's future

A fascinating look at the use of technology to address the rapidly advancing field of medicine


Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

Motivation is NOT what you may think. Dan Pink tells why …


Leonard Susskind: My friend Richard Feynman

As a longtime fan of Feynman I loved this perspective on the man that could explain complex things in laymans terms --- as I wrote about here:
Surely, you must be joking

My favorite way to consume TED talks is on my iPad. I travel a lot and as such I have a lot of time to catch up on TED talks.

Two Little Known Secrets

1. Offline - TED Talks can be “Saved for Offline Viewing”

2. Podcasts - iTunes lets you save them offline

If you have never heard a TED Talk you owe it to yourself to take a look and a listen. You will not be disappointed.

What are your favorite TED Talks?


What’s your favorite TED Talk? Drop a comment here or reply via any of the social media channels.


Jeff Shuey said…
Thank you Dougie -- The "Lies, damned lies and statistics" TED Talk was fantastic. Very funny, insightful and inspiring. I'm looking at the site he mentioned now --- readers of this comment will need to watch the TED Talk to find out the name of the site.