Up and Running - Get on over to The Plateau Runner

There is a new place to check your gait and get your gear.

If you are a runner, or thinking of becoming a runner, or know someone who is a runner you should make a trek over to Saffron imagein Sammamish.

We have a new business in town. I hope you all find the time to swing by and see what they are up to.

It’s The Plateau Runner - Sammamish’s newest business

imageWhile you are at Saffron --- there are a few other great local businesses to check out. My personal favorite is Pacific Bicycle. I buy all my bikes here. If you are a tri-athlete you might want to make a few trips back and forth between Pacific Bicycle and The Plateau Runner.

A few local businesses you should check out. Click on their logo to go to their web site or facebook page. We’ve got Yo Plateau, Moore’s Music, Game Stop and our own version of local dining at Sammamish CafĂ© and Ristorante Simone.

Plateau Runner image
Pacific Bicycle image
Yo Plateau image
Game Stop image

Community Matters

I like to see local businesses open and I encourage everyone reading this to make the time to Support Your Local Businesses. Whether you live in or near Sammamish or wherever you live … take the time to Invest in YOUR Community. These local businesses did … make sure they know you appreciate their commitment to the community. Your neighbors may own it, your kids may work there and they play a vital role in keeping our communities vibrant, growing and great places to live.

When Can I see you again?

I hope to see you our running with gear your picked up at The Plateau Runner. Or riding your road or mountain bike you picked up at Pacific Bicycle or perhaps relaxing after a run or a ride at Yo Plateau.

Who’s Next?

If you don’t happen to live here in the Seattle area … my offer is always open to get out on a ride with me. If you are visiting the area … ping me. I have taken at least 20 people on mtn bike rides, wake surf sessions and Stand Up Paddle (SUP)board sessions. Are you next?