The Just in Case Document

Everyone’s got them. That receipt you think you might need. So, you keep it … Just in case. That document from a key customer that you keep … Just in case.. That note from a colleague that your hold onto … Just in case. Just in case documents are pervasive.

How many do you have?

imageHow many receipts and documents do you have in your wallet, on your cork board, in your glove box and in other places you might not even be able to remember if called upon to produce said document.

Capture it

Capture these documents at the time they are generated.

Better yet … Skip the Paper and get the electronic version whenever possible.

imageHowever, when that is not possible … capture the document (yes, a receipt is a document) at the time it is generated. Almost everyone these days has a mobile phone with the capability of taking a picture. A mobile phone is a great way to capture information on the fly. Once the picture is taken you can send it to yourself over MMS or email or just keep it on the device until you sync.

imageIf you have higher volumes of documents consider a desktop scanner. There are numerous options available and many of them also scan business cards too --- which you can drop into your CRM or other contact lists.

But Wait … I have a paperless office

If you are one of the lucky few that can truly say you have a Paperless Office … then good for you. Most everyone else encounters paper that they need to handle and manage daily.

For example, if you travel you pick up taxi fares, hotel bills, lunch or dinner receipts and other assorted documents come along with travel schedules. How many of these do you keep because you have to? How many do you keep Just In Case?

imageI still think we will see a flying car before we see a paperless office.

imageEven Mr. Spacely had paper in his meetings.


Reality Check:

Paper is not going away … and this is OK.

If you have Just In Case Documents … don’t worry. Everyone has them. The good news is that you can handle them and manage them wisely with just a minimal of effort.

Image Credit: Hanna-Barbera

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