It Starts with Awareness

While it may seem obvious … you do need to Start at the Start.

imageOf course, most people dream of the end result. After all Evangelism Starts with a Vision. This is a good thing and should be part of the overall process in the ramp up to The Big Picture. However, before the vision can become reality some very simple steps need to happen. I call them AAR.

Where AAR represent Awareness, Adoption and Revenue

Before Revenue happens people need to be made Aware. They need to know your product or service exists. There are very few products and services that drive their own buzz … good or bad. Think Facebook, Twitter and pretty much anything from Apple.


From the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today. People taking pictures of a new Apple offering.

Once they become aware you will need to help them want to Adopt your product or service. Again, there are very few “must have” products. For those that have that awareness buzz and guaranteed adoption more power to them. But for the rest of the products and services out there work needs to be done to drive adoption. The Freemium model might work initially and it should be explored, but eventually somehow and someway there needs to be a revenue stream.

Where the rubber hits the Road

Start at the Start with Awareness. Have a compelling reason why someone should Adopt your product or service. Make it easy for them to want to become paying customers so that you can achieve the (occasionally elusive) end goal of Revenue.

Remember --- Evangelism without Action is just a pipedream

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Image Credit: needopti   Robert Scoble