Be a Doer Not a Viewer

Today at a meeting with some friends and fellow partners in the Microsoft community we were asked to say our name, what we do and as an added fun point to name our favorite sports team.



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The usual answers were shouted out, but since this is a diverse and global set of partners some of the answers were pretty unique. Besides football, baseball and soccer we also had Formula One, Superbikes and Netball.

The Best Response though was:

I’m not really all that into sports. I’d rather be outside and doing something. So,

I’m a Doer … Not a Viewer!

Thanks to Justin Pirie for this bit of wisdom. It was spot on!

How about you?

Would you rather be watching Football on the Big Screen
- or -
Reliving your Glory by playing in your local Turkey Bowl?

Could you make it through a Screen Free Sunday?
Here’s post I wrote about this
Screen Free Sunday – An Admirable Goal

My Standing Offer to Anyone Interested

If you find yourself in Seattle and want to get your 60 minutes of recommended exercise look me up. I’ll be happy to help you get out and Ride a Bike, Take a Walk, or Get your Paddle On (SUP).

Let’s get out and Be Doers Not Viewers!

TwBike 001