WPC is Here --- Humans Collaborating With Humans

We hear a lot about machines these days – robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. image

For the next few days that’s going to change.

For the next few days the WPC is here.

For the next few days Partners will talk with other Partners.

Partners will also connect with their counterparts at Microsoft.

Humans will collaborate with humans.

WPC Is Here!

On Sunday, July 12th the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) begins in Orlando. This is the largest Partner-to-Partner event in the world. At least as far as I can tell. There are other large events that bring together customers and partners. But, the WPC is unique in that it’s just partners.

Partners Get a Unencumbered View

Microsoft will share their plans for the next fiscal year. Which just began on July 1st. Microsoft’s relatively new CEO, Satya Nadella, will take the stage for the 2nd time ever at WPC.

Last Year – Satya spoke for an hour with no notes! Impressive!

This year everyone wants to hear about what’s coming, what’s new and what partners can expect from Microsoft in Fiscal Year 2016 (aka FY16)

Partners also want to hear from Microsoft’s Channel Chief Phil Sorgen. This is Phil’s 2nd year at WPC too. Partners want to know they have a place and that Microsoft has a plan for them.

imagePro Tip: Go to the IAMCP booth on the Expo Hall floor. Meet with the people staffing the booth.

They are all partners and they are also on the board and/or active members in the IAMCP community. If you don’t know the IAMCP you should – the IAMCP helps partners work with partners and understand what Microsoft is

What do you want to hear about?

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Enterprise Social
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

or, perhaps:

  • Collaboration Plans – SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Delve
  • HoloLens
  • XBOX
  • Dynamics
  • Something Else?

We will inevitably hear something about all of these. Machine Learning, IoT and Collaboration are all tied together. Microsoft and Microsoft partners are likely going to be building some amazing technology in the coming months and years to highlight how people and machines can work more effectively together. But, for the next few days … it will be Humans Collaborating With Humans.

Perhaps a little about the recent announcements with a corporate de-org and the $7.6B write off. I’m trying not to read too much into these announcements before hearing Satya and Phil talk about them directly. Here is a good post about this on SeekingAlpha.

Drop a comment here. Or, better yet … find me in the DigitalWPC.com – WPC Connect Tool and setup a meeting.

See you in Orlando!

Image Credits: Microsoft, IAMCP

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Tanya Ruff said…
I really enjoyed your session on the Corporate Blog. Some great info there in such a short period of time. Where can I get a copy of those Slides? I took a picture of a few and they are blurry to my dismay, including the one with your email address. Let me know, thanks!
Jeff Shuey said…
Thanks Tanya --- my slides are here: http://1drv.ms/1Oa8dZA

And the recording is here: https://connect.digitalwpc.com/Pages/SessionDetail.aspx?sessionId=793c4229-6805-e511-b87f-00155d5066d7#fbid=q_NlUnSjXin
Tanya Ruff said…
Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to reading through your other content.
Tanya Ruff said…
Last week in our marketing meeting we were discussing our blog strategy and I mentioned I wanted to get better use of our blog spreadsheet. I really like the one you use, and will be borrowing that from you :-)