Cut the Crap … that’s what Dana would say

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with a colleague from my Microsoft days recently.

Her name is Dana Manciagli and she has a great philosophy about researching, applying, and getting hired for your dream job. It’s simple. She says:

Cut The Crap

And she has written a book with this same somewhat provocative title. It gets your attention … which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. She also has a weekly blog that highlights points about what it takes to get hired today. Her focus is primarily on the candidate today.
She also has thoughts for hiring managers. Which I believe is the topic of her next book.
You can get the full scoop (pun intended) of what Dana is up to on her website.

Women In Technology

Dana is also active in the IAMCP WIT chapter. Where she shares her thoughts and gives back to the community.

She is also active in the STEMWIT efforts that the IAMCP WIT chapter of Seattle is driving. More information can be found about WIT here on the IAMCP site.
Key Point: Although this group is named Women in Technology there is still a place for men in the meetings and the activities. So, if you are a guy and interested in helping drive awareness, education and inclusion please consider checking out you local WIT efforts.

Dana and the IAMCP WIT Seattle chapter are active at Highline School efforts for educating high school and other school aged kids that are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Here’s my take on my take on STEMWIT Efforts
Be on the lookout for Dana at WIT Events and beyond

It’s always great to catch up with Dana. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. Her energy, her passion and her presence are infectious.

In case you missed her at CenturyLink Field she was very actively involved in the NFL’s breast cancer awareness month efforts. She was highlighted on Seattle’s KING5 television station where she shared her commitment to the cause.

To find out more about what Dana is up to take a look at her website and if you have used some of her ideas to Cut The Crap and get hired please share your thoughts here or let Dana know directly.

In case you can’t tell … I am a huge fan of Dana. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you … whether you are a guy or a girl … at WIT activities around Seattle or wherever we may meet.

If you want more information about IAMCP, WIT, or STEMWIT please feel free to connect with me directly.

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