Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?

I'll bet you pay a lot more than that for your leads today.

Between trade show expenditures, the costs to develop and maintain your CRM and Marketing systems, and all the other tangible and intangible expenses you incur … I'd guess that $200 would be a very low Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?


My point and question is …

Would it be worth it to you to pay $200
for quality leads, a
nd from a trusted source?

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Our members share leads and insights that get partners a jump on the competition.

running-498257_1920 (1)Need more:

What if:

  • You knew the source of the lead was well-qualified?
  • You knew you could ask questions about the lead to really understand the opportunity?
  • You knew you could come back and get these every month?

That's right … Every month!

VIDEO - Notes from the Trails

I like to shoot my Notes from the Trails and talk about things that impact partners, Microsoft and business as a whole. They are informal and usually shot in one take. Here is my video asking "Would you spend $200 for a well qualified lead?"

What do you have to do to make this happen?

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All we ask is this:

  • 2 hours a month (to start)
  • Typically as relationships are built and deals are made you'll spend more time. Because it's worth it for your business
  • Make us earn your membership.

What do you get?

  • Lunch (some chapters have breakfast or evening meetings)
  • Camaraderie
  • Partnership
  • And access to opportunities you may not have been aware of.

IAMCP logo - vertical - with textIf you are an IAMCP member … Congratulations and thank you. We hope you are getting value out of your relationships, your partnerships, and your engagements. 

Open Offer to current members:

  • We are looking for a case studies right now to tell your story.
  • If you aren't getting what you expected from your IAMCP membership I personally would like to hear about it. Drop a comment here or send email to jeff.shuey@iamcp.org and I'd like to help see how we can earn your membership.
  • We are changing with the times. If you had a membership more than a few years ago things have changed. Let's talk about renewing!

Still Need More?

Let me leave you with a few TLA's and Action Items:

  • Inspire- The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is now called Microsoft Inspire. It is the largest Partner to Partner (P2P) conference in the world. The IAMCP works very closely with the MS Inspire organizers to insure Microsoft partners have a fantastic experience. 
  • P2P - The Partner to Partner engagement model is an on-going effort that many of the IAMCP chapters around the world are being exposed to as a way to create a roadmap for their partner engagement efforts. 
  • MSA - The Microsoft Alumni Association is (not suprisingly) for Microsoft Alumni's - many of which continue to build solutions on the 350+ Microsoft products and services. The 
  • CSP / CRA - The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program was developed by Microsoft to help partners build solutions for the cloud. There are a lot of options and nuances to the program. The IAMCP is working with Microsoft and Meylah to develop a Cloud Readiness to cloud readiness advocate
  • WIT IAMCP LogoWIT - The IAMCP efforts to engage with Women in Technology has been going on for several years and it continues to grow stronger and to develop specific content and engagement areas to encourage Women in Technology.
  • VFI - Voices for Innovation is a Microsoft led effort to insure information that impacts technologists and the customers they serve. The IAMCP has a very active role in working with the VFI team and

These are just a few of the areas the IAMCP is involved with. We continue to strive to identify areas where partner can use some additional guidance and expertise.

The IAMCP is also all about giving back and sharing our expertise. Whether it's through charitable giving or in-kind efforts there is always something you can do as an IAMCP member.

Back to the Question

Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?

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Next Steps, Your Questions and The Big Question

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. I've been an IAMCP member for 5 years and have been active on the US and International Boards for a little over 3 years.

We are growing and we'd like to invite you to grow with us, share with us, and help us build an even stronger and more vibrant Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?

If yes, sign up and let's get going.

Your next deal is waiting for you.

If you are a Microsoft partner … we should be connected. If you are a Microsoft partner you should be working with the local IAMCP chapters. If there is any confusion about this … please ask me or any member.


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