The Missing Link – Not forgetting the past, but …

It was not a slight against you. I can assure of that. It was me. I recently switched over to Blogger and in my haste, laziness, unwillingness to figure it out how to transfer the old blog content or whatever I did not carry forward my previous blog content.

Thank to a suggestion from a new Twitter friend I have added the link to my old blog to this new site. See the right hand column under the heading “My Old Blog” – or click on the link below. What will you find here? Pics, posts, and other stuff – including some of the pictures from Snow Rides, the WA State Little League Baseball Champs, Wake Surfing pictures, and perhaps a little bit more.

Old Link - -

Thanks to Paul Galvin (@pagalvin) for the this suggestion. Look for more from Paul and I as we work on a new collaborative effort. Watch this space!

As always, your comments are welcome.