Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the Park - it's definitely NOT the 4th of July.
Before the Ride

A pic of the boys heading into Section 36 on Dec 20th 2008. The temp was 25F and the trails were perfect for a bike ride.

With school being shut down due to snow for the past three days it was time to loosen up some of that pent up energy. I took our teenage son and two friends on their first snow ride today. The weather was great. No wind, it wasn’t snowing, and other than being sort of cold (by Seattle standards) at around 25F these made for perfect conditions for a snow ride.

Most people are surprised when they hear we are heading off for a snow ride. What most people don’t realize is that there is a little secret about riding in the snow. When compared to the typical Pacific Northwest conditions that includes wet trails which leads to mud & muck it’s a joy to get to ride when all of that is frozen. So, the secret is … the traction is better in the snow.

Just before we headed out of the park we stopped at the beaver pond to ponder the sign that was posted by King County.

At the Beaver Pond - Dec 20 2008 096

Pondering the Sign The other side of the Beaver Pond
Dec 20 2008 102 Dec 20 2008 104

All in all it was a great ride. No injuries, no frostbite, and smiling faces at the beginning and at the end. The snow is supposed to stick around for a few more days. So far I’ve had three days of snow rides. I even got two rides in today. Are you up for a ride?

After the ride – the boys look pretty happy. Probably because they were heading for the jacuzzi to warm up The Boys and their bikes - Dec 20 2008 111
How to fit four mountain bikes on one rack. Dec 20 2008 109