Twitter is more than a tool - it's become a lifestyle changer

If you are not using Twitter you should ... or at a minimum you should at least think about it

I started using Twitter much more after my previous job was unexpectedly cut. I used the think it was mainly a toy, but I have come to find out it's much, much more. Sure, Twitter is a great tool for connecting and re-connecting with friends. But it is much more of a window to what is happening in my little world and the world as a whole. I have found people that share common interests and that want to "talk" about them. I have posted questions that get answered in ways I would not have imagined. I have seen replies to questions and references to blogs, web sites and across the Twitterverse that I would likely have never seen.

What is Twitter? Twitter is a way to communicate in short bursts of text (think SMS Messages) to let people know what you are doing. Not just what you are doing - because face it - no one really cares that you are in line at the post office. Rather it's a tool to let people know what you are working on, thinking about, reading, ranting, and for some people where they are in the world. It can become addictive – if you let it. However, it can also be a great way to post a comment or question and get real-time feedback.

I came across a great blog posting from Bert Decker (@BertDecker - if you know the Twitter syntax of using the @ symbol before the alias). The link is here. Please take a few minutes to read thru his blog posting and if you are so inclined --- following him on Twitter (he is @BertDecker).

Try it. I think you will like it. Start here – --- take the 60 seconds to sign up and get started. I'm interested to hear about your experiences with Twitter. Please share. Once you are connected --- If you are so inclined please think about following me - I am @jshuey (or for the truly new to the Twitterverse).