A Walk in the Snow with my Princesses

Boxing Day (aka Dec 26th) was a day to relax and spend more time with the family. After a morning that started with snow my daughter and I decided to take a walk with the puppy to the local Starbucks. On the way we stopped by Pacific Bicycle to see Scott and Kristie. Scott and Kristie are the owners and they a both long time residents of the east side. If you need a bike – road or mountain – this is a great place to get it and the gear to go along with it. I’ll write another post about a night mountain bike ride soon. Scott turned me on to night riding in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a completely different experience.

Back to our walk – it was SnoRain’ing along the way. Where SnoRain is a combination of Snow and Rain. It was just about 32F – not quite right for rain or snow. As we kept walking Ellie, our almost 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy, was having a blast. Every pile of snow is a new conquest.

Dec 21 2008 064

Dec 21 2008 102
Ellie’s thinking -
Look what I found?

Part of our walk was just to get out and enjoy the weather. It’s also a great 1-on-1 time with my daughter. There are a lot of things a 9 year old knows that are not common knowledge to the rest of the population. If you get the chance to hear and see the world through the ears and eyes of a 9 year old – take it. I know I do every chance I get.

As for Ellie, the aforementioned nearly 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy, everything is new to her. We are introducing her to people, noises, new sights and sounds and in her case to the “pupulation” at large.

After a stop at Bartell’s and Ace Hardware we finally made it to Starbucks. My daughter ordered something frilly and fruffy – I cannot remember the detailed and convoluted specifications – I just made sure it was decaf. I ordered my usual – Coffee. I find myself always telling the people “no room” and still feeling ripped off for them leaving that last bit of cup unfilled. That’s a point for another post – perhaps along with the three words that annoy me the most.

We sat outside – because we had Ellie and also because it was pretty nice to be outdoors. As we sat at Starbucks the snow was falling heavy at times and always in huge flakes.

dec 26 2008 001
Contemplating that first sip

On the way back we stopped near Grassies Lake to take a few fashion shots. Here are my two princesses in full SnoRain regalia.

dec 26 2008 013 dec 26 2008 015

On the way back our tracks were almost covered. It gives a new meaning to “Leave No Trace” and kinda cool.

dec 26 2008 016

As we arrived home we stopped for one last picture in the front yard. Almost as soon as we stepped inside Ellie made a beeline for my office and took her usual sleeping spot under my desk.

I always love getting outdoors and when I get a chance to go outside and spend time with my two princesses it’s all the better.