Ellie at 6 (months)

As the owner of a new puppy I have been trying to keep a running set of pictures of her. My goal is take a few pictures of her on or about the first of the month. This is the February 2009 set. Ellie is six months old. She is a great puppy. She learns fast and is great with the kids and other dogs.


These are just pics for fun and we will look back at them as she continues to grow while we try and remember that she used to be so small. So, please enjoy the pics and THANK YOU for the people on Twitter (you know who you are) for asking about her.

If you are wondering how we came to have Ellie The Wonder Pup in our life you can read about it here – Sometimes the best packages come wrapped in fur

Ellie at 6 Months

Ellie loves to play in the water


Wrestling the Big One to the ground

Rachel and Jeff (me)
with Ellie

Casio 083
Casio 247

Ellie and her good
friend Vanny

(they are 6 months
apart in age)

Photo Album of Ellie and Vanny below - playing