Civility on the Highway

I saw something on the road today that made me smile. Traffic was stopped for several hours on I-90 for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to do some avalanche control work. Today we were on a stretch of road that leads from Easton, WA across Snoqualmie Pass and ultimately to Seattle.

A little trivia:
I-90 is the longest interstate highway in the USA

There was a scheduled shutdown for I-90 from 1 to 3 pm. We tried to time it just right to miss the closure. We mis-calculated. We hit the section that was scheduled to be closed about 3:10 - and we came to a dead stop. We were at the tail end of at least a 3 mile backup – and that’s just where we stopped – we found out later it was a 10-12 mile backup. After sitting on the highway for 45 minutes we thought it might be getting close to letting up. NOPE.  It took another 45 minutes. We spent 1-1/2 hours on I-90 waiting along with a whole bunch of other solo drivers, families, and truckers. We made the most of our time by playing hangman, chatting about Spring break and listening to the radio.

What caught my eye?

This Guy! IMG_6284

People helping people. Two Thumbs Up and Kudos to the guy that offered to jump start the car next to him. Like most people we passed the time listening to the radio. As you can guess after 1-1/2 hours that can put the kibosh on a car battery. 

He was the unsung hero. He took the time to grab his jumper cables and he did all the work --- all the other drive had to do was pop the hood. I didn't get his name, but he should know that people were watching. It was a nice teaching moment for me with the kids.

Oldies span the Generation Gap

We also found 102.1 - The Quake from Wenatchee and they were playing classic rock. There is nothing better to get a kid talking that Peter Frampton or Lynard Skynard. They said things like - “These songs are so long” and “You like this?” and “Hey, I’ve heard that song on TV and in movies.” That’s when I knew we had spanned the generation gap. OK --- to me classic rock are not oldies, but to the kids … these ARE oldies.

I Also Found My Drivetone – At least for Today

In response to my blog post asking the question -What’s your Drivetone? - after today my drivetone is "Jump" by Van Halen. Yes, this WAS the song playing while the anonymous hero jump started the car next to him on I-90.

To continue the karma --- The song that came on when the traffic started moving was ... "Born to be Wild" with the the classic line “Head out on the Highway” by Steppenwolf.

We also were treated to such classics as Bang a Gong by T.Rex, Springsteen's Glory Days and Peter Frampton's classic talk box song -Do You Feel Like We Do. These were a few of the songs that prompted the questions and the revelations from our kids.

  Just out of curiosity  
Would you be prepared to sit on the road for 1 hour, 2 hours, or even longer?
Fortunately we had our car emergency kit. Not that this was an emergency, per se, but we do have food & water in our kit. Along with jumper cables, reflectors, flashlight, gloves, and a few of the other Road Side Emergency Kit necessities.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Thanks to a kind motorist that made imagesomeone else’s day. I hope  everyone who saw this happen in real-time before their eyes on I-90 and those that are reading this now get a chance to Pay it Forward and help someone in need.

What did you see today that lifted your spirits? Did you get a chance to Pay it Forward?