Ready for Combat – Little League Style

Our son has played for the Eastlake All Stars, a Little League baseball team, that has won the Washington State Championship for the past two years. Of course, we are really proud of his efforts and the efforts of the whole team. Many of the boys on the team used Combat Bats in those hard fought battles.

Ellie April 118Our son thought there might be something wrong with his bat. I contacted our local dealer and he suggested I connect with Combat Sports directly. I called them and they were great. They said we could ship the bat back to them for testing and that if they found a defect they would swap it out for a new one.

I realized they were located not too far from my home so I asked if I could just stop by. They said sure. I went to their offices and within a few minutes I had the answer. There was nothing wrong with the old bat. Even with this information they still gave me a new bat. Because they have a policy that allows for a one time swap. I thought “WOW” that’s a great policy and a great commitment to customer satisfaction.

Combat Logo - rotatedCombat Sports is a local Seattle area business that makes 100%  composite bats. They don’t focus exclusively on Youth Sports, but that’s how we know them. They also make products that many of the pros, college, and high school players use for both baseball and softball. I like to support local businesses whenever I can. If you are reading this I hope you can too.

I mainly wanted to highlight Combat Sports here because they are a local business and they are battling with the big guys. If you are looking for a great bat at a reasonable price I recommend taking a look at the Combat bats. They have excellent customer service and they want your player to be successful.

Whether your stop by the Combat Sports offices in Pacific, WA or whether you see their Hummvee you can be assured the Combat Sports are there to support the players with great equipment.

Combat - Main Sign Ellie April 114

If you are looking for Combat bats you can buy them from a local reseller. There are resellers all over the USA and Canada. You can find your local dealer with this applet on the Combat Sports web site.Ellie April 119My local dealer is Tim Kafer at ThrowRight. Like the Combat Sports crew Tim is a long time baseball guy. If you are local to the Bellevue area give Tim a call @ (425) 591-7612 or 877.659.3040.

Sneak Peak – New Gear is Coming Soon

I saw some of the new gear that will be available soon from local retailers. Gloves for every position and a full set of catchers gear – including helmets. I know my son is interested in checking these out. I’m going to look for a new catchers mitt for myself too.

They are also making Ice Hockey gear. Perhaps Lacrosse gear will not be too far behind.

If you are looking for a new bat or other gear for your baseball team or player I hope you take a look at the products Combat Sports offer. I have been really impressed by how well the kids hit with their bats. As a parent I think I was more impressed by their commitment to customer service and support.

Since this is opening week for baseball I’ll end this with …

Go Mariners!