Kid-Spiration – Things I’ve learned from the Kids

What kids inspire you? What skills do you see in them that will carry them farther in youth sports and in life?

image Today is voting day for our local Little League team to select the kids that will represent our district regionally and if successful they earn the right to play for the Washington State Championship.

Eastlake Little League has produced several successful All Star teams over the past two years. They have taken the highest honors possible by winning the Washington State Championship two years in a row. As a proud parent of one of the players I hope to see the magic happen again.


2009 is the BIG year – they are now 12 years old. Which means this is their last year of Little League baseball. If they continue to win they will move up and have the chance to go all the way to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. I hope they make it and I wish them luck.

Along the way I have noticed a few skills and traits that these boys have exhibited that I think will help them continue their “career” in youth sports and also will help them in life.

These traits and skills are:

  • Understated – They don't shout from the rooftops, because they don’t have to. They let their “work” stand for them. In the case of baseball – they let their arm, their glove, and their bat do the talking.
  • Delivery – This is the key. Day in and Day out they deliver the goods with a positive attitude.
  • Pride – It shines through. Not just that they are glad to be part of the team. It goes beyond that – it’s a personal commitment they made to the team and to themselves.

These are traits I aspire to in my personal and professional life. It’s what I look for when I decide if I want to work with someone. It’s impressive that our youth, our kids, that are just 12 years old are exhibiting these traits and skills today.

I hope the kids that are voting today vote for these traits. I would love to see the Eastlake All Stars go all the way to Williamsport. If they go I’ll be right there cheering them on. Win or lose I know they will take away something that they will carry inside their heads and their hearts forever.

Eastlake All Stars

      Go Eastlake!