SMC Seattle & The Launch of RealPlayer SP

Another month – another Sold Out event. Last night the SMC Seattle meeting for July 2009 was held at the Lake Union Cafe in Seattle.

RealNetworks parlayed the great weather, venue, and of course the great people of the Seattle social media community to launch RealPlayer SP.

RealPlayer SP (part of RealNetworks) was the sponsor this month. It was great to see Rob Glaser – Founder, Chairman and CEO of imageRealNetworks do a demo of Real Player SP. Rob even tweeted about the event while he was there.

We were honored to have this SMC Seattle event utilized as the launch pad for a new product --- this was a first. We hope to see more and more companies share their new offerings with the Social Media community on future launch efforts.

Lacy Kemp of RealNetworks was the person that brought all of this together. Lacy is part of the Social Media team at RealNetworks and can be found tweeting about work and her outside of work passions @RealTweeter. Lacy is an action sports fanatic including Mountain Biking --- which made me like her right away.

imageThere were over 150 people attending the SMC Seattle event and there are too many people to name here. However, there were a few people I saw that kept the event lively. I saw many more people chatting in the atrium, at tables, and even outside under the I-5 overpass.

We are fortunate to have such a great team behind the scenes of the SMC Seattle events. Rachel Bergstedt, Joann Jen, and Kevin Urie are a few of the people that keep the SMC Seattle events running like clockwork. A big thanks to them for their time to put all the pieces in place.

Thanks again to RealNetworks and RealPlayer SP for sponsoring the July event. We look forward to working with the RealNetworks team for many years.

Next up

August 18th --- We will post a link for the event shortly. We look forward to seeing you at the next SMC Seattle event.

Image Credit: Lacy Kemp

Written by: Jeff Shuey – SMC Board Member