Ellie at 12 (months)

We’ve had Ellie for 10 months now.  She just keeps getting better and better. She’s growing into her body and is acting a little like a pre-teenager. She wants to explore and see what’s around the next corner. However, she still comes back and takes a look to see if we are still close by.

What did Ellie learn and do in her 12th month?

  • All Star Puppy – Little League & Softball Games
    • Ellie was able to attend the District 9 All Star games in Bellevue. The boys did not make it thru, but Ellie had fun at Hidden Valley park in Bellevue.
    • She also went to my nieces All Star Softball game in Sedro Woolley - Softball is LOUD and other Revelations
    • She also went to the Last Chance IMG01171Baseball Tournament in Spanaway. She was able to play on the huge grass fields while the rag tag team from Redmond, Bellevue, and Sammamish took 2nd place in their custom made uniforms.
  • Manzanita Beach (Oregon Coast)
    • CIMG3843 Ellie had her chance to really run free. The beach is several miles long and hundreds of yards wide.
      She LOVED it!
    • If you have been to Manzanita Beach you know what I mean.  If you’ve never  been it’s worth a trip. Plenty of room for a 1 year old puppy to run, play, and explore.

  • First Ride/Run – This time on the leash
    • IMG01153Now that Ellie is 12 months old I’m going to start taking her on more rides. She got her first taste of a ride (while on a leash) at Manzanita Beach. She loved it and was able to keep up with no problem.
    • This was the trail we rode – Nehalem State Park - flat, mostly straight, and easy for Ellie to run along while on a leash.
    • Next up --- rides on the local trails.

In case you are wondering why I write this imageblog about Ellie the simple answer is that she can’t type. It’s also because a few people have asked me to document what she does and how she has grown. And finally because it’s nice to see these things for myself. It’s amazing how fast she has grown, how much she has learned, and that the puppy phase is almost over.

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If you have puppy stories please feel free to share them here --- just add them to the comments.  Thanks for reading. If you see us out walking around Sammamish or wherever our travels take us come up and say hello. Maybe even offer to take a picture.



Lacy Kemp said…
I highly recommend Tokel for doggie/mountain bike love. Roscoe does awesome out there. There aren't a ton of people. You'll see an occasional horse or other dog, but other than that you're on your own.