Hawaii Bound

imageTo my friend Matt from Pacific Bicycle I wish you safe travels on your journey. Matt, you see, is moving to Hawaii. In fact, he is on a flight right now to his new home of O’ahu.

Matt - Riding Suntop Sept 2009To Matt:
While you are there I hope you will take in the sights, sounds, and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. There is so much to see beyond the traditional tourist oriented trappings. As a cyclist you will likely explore areas of the island that most tourists (and maybe a lot of locals too) never get to see. I’m sure you will find a lot of things to do. Just in case you need a head start here is a list of a few of my favorites.

Food (aka Da Kine Grine)

Beaches (You’ll need to seek these out yourself)

  • Waimanalo
  • Three Tables / Rubber Duckies
  • Mokuleia

Stuff to Do

  • Kailua Beach – Kite boarding, Windsurfing, and Paddle Boarding
  • North Shore – Watching Pipeline going off; Surfing Rubber Duckies; Jumping off the rocks at Waimea (in the Summer)
  • Waikiki – Too much to list, but do take the time to learn to surf here. It’s crowded, but really fun and low key.

Just in case you forget what the "other” paradise on this side of the Pacific Ocean looks like here are a few pics of your going away ride at Sun Top last weekend. (all the pics are Matt's Going Away Ride - Sun Top)

For those that live in Hawaii if you see Matt at your LBS (Local Bike Shop) or riding around the island say hello and show him around. He’s a good guy and he may even help you fix your bike.