The PR Value in Green ECM Technololgy

Something that's become apparent more recently is that many Americans are concerned about the environment and thinking about ways they can improve our planet. People are becoming aware of the amount of waste they produce that can't be recycled, their recycling habits, how they can be more efficient with energy, their carbon emissions, as well as other things. With the current state of the economy, organizations are looking at ways they can cut costs, while still generating revenue.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) allows organizations to have two kinds of Green: Green for the environment and Green in their wallets.

So maybe you are thinking or saying to yourself, "Why should I care if my organization is green?" You should care because your customers care. Customers want information fast, they want that information to be accurate, and they want your business processes to be efficient. On top of all that, they want to do business with companies who care about our planet. People don't want to have to download a document, print and fill it out, physically drive to your organization, take a number, stand in line and then wait for weeks or months of processing.

You should also care because you want customers, potential customers and stakeholders to have a positive view of your organization, and ultimately, people want Green.

When you implement ECM technology and switch from a manual to an automated process, you will see the following:

  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Reduction in Paper and Supplies
  • Improved Accuracy for your Customers and Constituents
  • Environmentally-friendly Organization

Green technology is better for customers and constituents because they demand quick information. They want information to be web-based, such as forms and filings. They want access to government information like agenda meeting information, laws and meeting minutes.

Your organization will be able to better document policies and decisions, while allowing stakeholders to see the outcomes of those decisions. You will be able to protect your company in a lawsuit. Even if you think you will never get sued, if that day comes and you don't have electronic records, it will be too late. Along those lines, your company will be able to meet legislative and regulatory requirements if necessary. Additionally, you can protect corporate interest and the rights of employees, clients and other stakeholders.

However, possibly one of the most important reasons for implementing ECM technology is for continuity of operations, especially in the event of a disaster.

Some organizations feel like they have to do a total ECM makeover to see any benefits; this is not true. Even implementing a piece will allow you to see improved efficiencies and faster processing. Some of the practices you can implement are:

  • Electronic Forms
  • Automated Workflows
  • Electronic Storage
  • Remote Support

With these processes, your organization will see a reduction in the amount of paper and supplies being used, the amount of time being saved and utilized more efficiently, you will be able to cut costs and see a significant ROI, and you will be able to cut back on resources and move employees to departments that need extra help.

So to recap, ECM technology is Green in two ways: Green for the environment and Green for your bottom line. It allows organizations to drive down costs, improve their efficiencies and ultimately, be better for the planet.

Kristina Parma is the Corporate Communications Manager for ImageSource, Inc. She contributes to various marketing collateral, including press releases, case studies, web content and company brochures. She also helps cordinate ImageSource's annual ECM Solutions Conference, Nexus. You can find Kristina on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @KristinaParma. To check out ImageSource's eight ECM blogs, visit their home page at