Got Game? How do you let the Team know?

How do you communicate all the information about your sports teams? Whether it’s a youth sports team or an adult sports team how do you make sure everyone knows where to be, when to be there, and all of the other pertinent information that can make or break a team?Sammamish Timberwolves - Team Picture (14 March 2010)

If you are a coach or a parent I’m sure you have gone through some of the same challenges I have in my years as a Youth Sports coach, manager, and parent.

I started creating my own blog with WordPress --- while I’m fairly decent at using tools to build a team site I found there were little things that I wanted to do that took more work and skill than I had.

So, what did I do?

Like a lot of Social Media types these days … I asked a question on Twitter. I asked for guidance on WordPress or Blogger themes and for additional ideas on creating a site for a Youth Sports team. What I got back (literally in minutes) was a recommendation for a site called TeamPages.

imageI checked it out and found out they had done all of the things I wanted and they were ready to go NOW. The now factor was a big draw. So, guess what? I switched to TeamPages and have never looked back.

Privacy while Sharing

Since I was focused on building a site for a Youth Sports team the need for privacy was important. While we do want to share pictures, videos and other information about schedules and what-not there is the nagging question in the back of my mind wondering about how much is too much. TeamPages allows YOU to control this.

Check out – I think you will find they did a lot of the legwork and thinking for any kind of sports team you have in mind. I was impressed and I think you will be too.

If you have a Youth Sports team site that you created or know of I’d like to hear about it. I am almost done with the public facing section of the Sammamish Timberwolves site. As soon as it’s ready I will update this blog post. I need to get some pictures uploaded from last weekends tournament and a few other details. Fortunately, TeamPages makes it really easy to do this. Stay tuned and share your favorite youth sports team sites in the comments below.
In the mean time --- Play Hard, Respect your Opponents, and Have Fun!