Indispensable Tools to Make your Rides and Life Better

This is the third in a series of posts about Mountain Bike riding. The first post was on The Three Essentials of Mtn Biking and the second was on Trail Building Tips. This post is about some of the things that I find to be indispensable for enjoying every ride.

Each of these are not necessarily related to riding, but they make for a great start and end for every ride.

Peet’s Shoe Dryer

imageStarting a ride with wet shoes is not fun. Use one of these and you will start of on the right foot.

I used to put my bike riding shoes in the laundry room. I set them on the heating vent. When I lived in Southern California this was not such a big deal because the shoes rarely got very wet or muddy. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest it’s a foregone conclusion that shoes as well as the rest of the bike and rider will get muddy and wet.

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower with Direct Access to the Hot TubIf you have the chance to put one of these in … do it! When we built our house a few years ago I told the builder I wanted and outdoor shower. He looked at me like I was crazy and said “huh?” after I let him know that I ride Mtn Bikes and the kids play sports year round he got it.

If you can’t put in an outdoor shower, but have a sink in the garage you might want to run an extension hose to the side yard.

Hot Tub As a side note – if you have access to a hot tub this makes a great way to end any ride and especially any ride in the mud, muck and cold. Note: First use the outdoor shower to wash off the mud, muck and sweat

Wisk Broom

If you live in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere that you can ride where it rains you should own at least one wisk broom. I never wash my bike off with a hose (and you shouldn’t either) – instead I use a wisk broom to flick the mud and muck off.

The De-Evolution of My Wiskbrooms


There you have it. A few indispensable tools to make every ride your best ride.

What tools and tips do you have for making every ride a great ride? Please share them here in the comments.

In the mean time …

Ride Hard, Ride the Hazards, Have Fun!