Trail Building Tips –

This is the second in a series of posts about Mountain Bike riding. This first post was on The Three Essentials of Mtn Biking

ride 002 Here are a few tips for trail builders. Even if you aren’t a trail builder there will come a time when you will need to clear a log or think about fixing a section of trail to make it more passable. These tips might give you a few ideas and hints.

Each of these tips were tweeted out and are ready for you to do the same. Each Trail Building Tip (TBT) is somewhat obvious to anyone that has ridden for a while. However, there are some neer-do-well’s that don’t consider the fact that there are many types of riders. Not everyone wants to ride on a 3 foot wide smooth trail. The only way to improve your skills is by riding more and riding the hazards. Or at least trying.

My simple mantra is:

Ride the Hazards!
If you can’t Ride ‘em --- Walk ‘em.
Note: If you can’t walk ‘em you may need to find a new sport

Trail Building Tips (TBT)

Trail Building Tip #1

image~ A Stick or Rock smaller than your wrist is not a hazard. Leave it.

Trail Building Tip #2

image ~ Leave a few challenges / hazards otherwise new trails and bypasses will be built to include them

Trail Building Tip #3

image ~ It's ok to have sections that cannot be ridden by newer riders. Leave them something to build their skills.

Trail Building Tip #4 (credit to @SingletrackM1nd)

image ~ Trails need not be 3ft wide and smooth


Need More Trail Guidelines

If you really want to understand trails there are a few things you should do.

niteride 004 1. Be a Rider!
This sounds obvious, but it should be stated. People that ride the trails know what to look for. They know what feels right. They also know that they cannot ride every obstacle --- AND that is OK. See TBT#1



image2. Join a group that knows how to build trails – Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance knows how and has regular work parties to help those with an interest make a difference.

image 3. Buy, Read, and Build trails the way this book recommends – IMBA’s Trail Solutions provides simple and practical advice for building great trails that are fun for all and also protect the environment.





Below are a few more of my thoughts on Mtn. Biking – Enjoy! When you are ready --- come on out and ride with me.

If you have more Trail Building Tips please share them here in the comments.

Ride Hard, Ride the Hazards, Have Fun!