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The Los Angeles SharePoint Community wants to help YOU!

imageCome to Santa Monica College on April 2nd and hear from a great group of speakers. This is a FREE event that brings together end users, IT professionals and industry professionals for a day or learning and sharing.

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Fair Warning and Full Disclosure --- I’m one of the speakers

I’m going to be talking about something that every business faces --- Dealing with paper. Paper is not the enemy. When handled right --- Paper is an Asset. Make the most of yours.

imageHeads Up: Everyone in my session gets a chance to win a Kodak scanner. Come by and learn a little about how you can put the paper in your business to work. Who knows … you might go home with your very own scanner to test out what you learned.

I hope to see you on April 2nd. Come find me and tell me about your paper challenges.

Bring along your colleagues and bring a list of questions you’ve been looking to get answered. Of all the speakers and people from the local LA SharePoint Community we would be happy to help get them addressed.


The Los Angeles SharePoint Community
wants to help YOU!

See you on April 2nd – Sign Up Today!