What community builders can learn from Supercross

It's about the people. The Riders AND the Fans!

Underneath all that protective gear and on top of those marvels of engineering are the riders. They are incredible athletes – It takes a lot of strength and endurance to wrestle a 200 pound motorcycle around the track for 20 minutes at full speed.

While it may not be obvious from their powerful machines - they are the ones that pilot them and bend them to their will.

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The Supercross organizers have figured out that it's the riders that matter. More importantly they have figured out that it’s the fans that really matter. Connecting the two is the key to success and the key to getting the next generation involved early to insure the sport will continue to grow and thrive.

How Do They engage the fans?

  • Educate - Who are these guys? & Why you should care?
  • Communicate - Tell 'em and Show 'em! Pre- and During- Race videos show the riders as real people.
  • Collaborate - The pits are open for fans to interact with the riders and the teams. Riders sign and pose for pictures. Fans get to see their incredible machines up close. 

  • Entertain – Of course, this should go without saying, but in order for people to want to come back, to want to tell their friends about it … you need to entertain them. The racers have a job to do … to win races.

imageThe fans have a different agenda. To pull them in and keep them coming back they need to invest their time (and their money) – the first three points help them do both of these. Entertaining them is the glue that holds them all together.

Everyone I saw had a smile on their face and they were hooked on the action.

If you are a community builder I recommend that you take the time and spend the $10 - yes, even the cheap seats get you involved in The Show. Attend a Supercross event you wont regret it.

Brad Sutton and Chuck SunArrive early. Feel the energy. Feel the vibe as you cruise thru the pits. Snag a few pictures with the stars of today and yesterday. Here is a picture of my friend Brad Sutton with Chuck Sun.

imageThe cost for the pits? Just one thing - a can of Monster Energy drink. Which they recycle! Just one more example of a way to give back and extend the community to a broader audience.

Also, kudos to @cbssports and The Speed Channel (@speedtv) for broadcasting and to Monster Energy for sponsoring. Check your local listings. Their crews put together the previous nights races for broadcast less than 24 hours later. Impressive.

How to Extend Your Community

If you are a Community Builder and if you have never to a Supercross race … take the time. You won’t regret it.

If you see me there … say hello and let’s talk about building communities. Or drop me a note here and we can continue the conversation.

Image Credits: Brad Sutton, Monster Energy, SupercrossOnline