Joblets not JOBS

I got to thinking about something the other day when pondering how to explain a “job” to my son. It occurred to me that no one really has a job anymore. Rather, people will have a series of joblets.

The mythical company man is dead. Never to return.

It also occurred to me that the only job you will have for life is the one you create for yourself.

This will include a lot of joblets - small jobs you take along the way as you build your set of skills.

If anything we are creating a new set of master craftsmen. Except instead of tools that can be picked up and touched these master craftsmen and women will have a finely honed set of skills that they can apply to solve all sorts of problems.

What are you mastering?

What would you recommend telling a teenager?


Jeff Shuey said…
Find a Mentor! This is one of the most common things I often tell people and have heard it a lot too.

It got me thinking ... How does onw go about gaining a mentor that has expertise with "joblets"?

I think they are out there. I also think there is an opportunity to create a Joblet Mentor Advisory Council. Anyone interested in helping out?
Claire said…
I don't think jobletization is a cross-market trend--I think it's specific to those of us working with internet- and software-based technologies. That being said, if a teenager is interested in those areas, I'd tell him/her to figure out what types of problems they like to solve, rather than on specific languages or platforms.
Thank you for the sensible critique.
This was a quality post. Thanks!
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