National Car Rental Saves Father’s Day

imageThat's the story I would like to tell you, but the reality is a little different.
A few weeks ago as I was returning my National Car Rental I left my glasses on the center console of the rental car.
That was the last time I ever saw them again. Or so I thought.

What’s the big deal? Why this blog post?
These were a gift from my kids for Father's Day. I had literally only worn them once. So, you see National Car Rental had a chance to save Father's Day.

imageMy son and I were in Omaha for the College World Series and for the Slumpbusters baseball tournament he was playing in. This is me wearing the Oakley Straight Jackets (affliate link) for the first time. Little did I know it might have been the last time.

A few days later when I returned the car at the airport we had a few people in the car and a lot of gear to unload. When the agent at the drop off point asked me if I had everything. I looked around and thought I did. So, off we went to check in for our flight. I admit … it was 100% my fault for not seeing the glasses sitting on the center console.

We live in Seattle and as you may have heard … it’s not always sunny here. So, I didn’t realize for a few days that the glasses weren’t in the place I always put sunglasses in my computer bag. I took the entire bag apart and also went through the duffel bag I had brought along. I also asked my son to go through his stuff just in case they were stuffed into the wrong bag.

After Checking All Our Bags
I reached out on Twitter to the @NationalCares alias to get the number for National in Omaha. Then I called National in Omaha and got through to the Lost & Found desk. They didn’t have them, but I got connected with Stephanie Haynes at National Car Rental. After talking about what happened we were able come up with a plan to replace the sunglasses. Sure, being a long time National Car Rental Customer and an Emerald Premier Executive member helped, but in the end it was good old fashioned customer service that won the day.

I’d like to thank Stephanie for her diligence and willingness to go the extra mile to make a SNAGHTMLbf8a11dcustomer happy.

I’ll be renting from National Car Rental for a long time now. Thanks to the kind words, quick actions and customer first thinking of Stephanie. This is me wearing my new Oakley Straight Jackets (affliate link) on a rare sunny day in Seattle.

SNAGHTMLbfc298eI look forward to my next trip to Omaha to thank her in person and I hope to one day see my son play in the College World Series.

Thanks again National Car Rental and Stephanie Haynes for making my day and making me a very happy customer and especially for Saving Father’s Day.


Claire said…
Jealous. I left my new wayfarers in a Hertz rental and in the ensuing two weeks, never managed to get a hold of an actual human being. I should have thought to use twitter!