SharePoint Skills Up For Grabs

This week in the Washington, DC area the first ever SharePoint Saturday – The Conference imagewill be happening. Actually it’s being held in Annandale, VA at Northern Virginia Community College. We hope to see you there. This is the first time the event has spanned multiple days. There is a lot of content to be covered and a lot of learning to be had.

Kodak will have a booth, Kodak’s Jeff Shuey will be speaking (session info) and several Kodak partners will be presenting. The sessions will be educational and are designed to help people learn more about how to manage paper in a SharePoint environment.

imagePaper is not going away. The smart companies are treating paper like the asset it is and using SharePoint to help get a handle on their paper based assets. Government agencies and Regulatory Requirements are driving the need to manage paper --- those that manage paper most effectively win.

Come to our sessions in the Kodak room. Kodak will have 10 sessions running in parallel to the main sessions. See Table below for Day 1 (Friday) and Day 2 (Saturday) sessions. Several partners will be speaking about how they work extend and enhance SharePoint by maximizing the use of Paper Based Assets




ImageTech Systems





SharePoint Directions

Day 1


Day 2


What’s in it for you?

  • SharePoint Skills Up For Grabs – Come Get Some … And Share Some Too. That’s one of the benefits of these SharePoint Saturday events. Everyone Learns.
  • Knowledge – Come to the sessions to learn more about maximizing your investment in SharePoint. Bring us your tough questions. We want to help.
  • A New Scanner - If you happen to be lucky enough to be attending the SharePoint Saturday – The Conference we will be giving away a Kodak scanner to a few lucky attendees. If you are in DC for this event come to the Kodak booth in the main hall, attend Jeff Shuey’s session and attend one or more of the Partner sessions in the Kodak room. Complete a Survey and you’ll have a chance to win.

We will post content from the sessions after the event. However, we encourage you to reach out to us and see how we can help you address your business and technical needs related to paper and electronic document management. SharePoint is an incredible platform to help businesses add collaboration, workflow and much more across a broad spectrum of business needs.

Want to Get Started Today?

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Contact Jeff Shuey – M: +1 425 922 8056  Skype: jshuey