Change Makers are HIP

imageToday at SOBCon in Portland I heard a great set of stories about Experiential Philanthropy from AJ and Melissa Leon. They spoke about their decision to leave their home in New York City and to travel 75% of the time in order to directly affect the change they wanted to see and be.

After their session our group got together to think about and mastermind what we could do to effect a similar change. As we masterminded about Change Makers three words bubbled to the top – Habit, Impact and Passion.

I took these three words that were inspired by AJ and Melissa and came up with what I think defines Change Makers.

Change Makers are HIP

  • They make it a Habit
  • They make the Impact they can
  • They share their Passion

There is another aspect about Change Makers that defines them. They are willing to ASK for help. We are all in this together. No one can do it all alone. If you need help … ASK.

Kudos to AJ and Melissa for helping so many people. Another thing I wanted to point out is a great message they delivered as a call to action. One that implores everyone to help others to realize that they are:   Inches from Remarkable


If you want to see how much AJ and Melissa are doing check their Twitter profiles … and REACH out to them to show them you are HIP too.

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imageIf you want to see more about SOBCon --- check here. In a nutshell SOBCon is an event that will transform your life, your business, your relationships. See what others have to say about SOBCon on the blog.

I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Terry and Liz for bringing SOBCon to the Pacific Northwest.

And thank you to the SOBCon sponsors for making it all possible.


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