Kodak Scan and View --- What will you Build?

imageRecently Kodak announced two new products for the Microsoft SharePoint space. The products are Kodak Scan-and-View (KSV) and Kodak Document Viewer (KDV)

imageIf you want to try Scan-and-View today click here to get started now. It’s easy. You can be up and running in 15 minutes.

What is Kodak Scan and View?

And why should you care?

What is Kodak Scan-and-View?

Kodak Scan-and-View (you may see the acronym KSV and sometimes SNV) and Kodak Document Viewer (KDV) are the first applications from Kodak built specifically for the Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Scan and View


Kodak Scan and View Software is an all-in-one scanning, viewing and editing solution built directly into the Microsoft SharePoint interface.

  • Enables Better Collaboration
  • Browser based Scanning directly into SharePoint
  • Annotate & Clean Up Images
  • Kickoff workflows

Document Viewer


Kodak Document Viewer Software accelerates the way you find and view documents in Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Easy to use
  • All within the familiar SharePoint interface
  • Full screen and thumbnail views
  • Integrates with libraries, lists, and search results

Why Should you Care?

There are four groups of people that will care about KSV and KDV. Each will have their own reasons (see table below) with the end result being that each group will be able to work more efficiently and effectively together.

  • IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • End Users
  • Executives

What has Kodak done to help you get started?

imageKodak created a sandbox for you to evaluate Scan and View in your office and on your terms.

  • You can add your own documents with a scanner or via importing files
  • Note: KSV and KDV support scanners that use TWAIN drivers.
    • If you don't have a Kodak scanner you will still be able to use KSV if your scanner supports TWAIN drivers. Check with your scanner manufacturer ... Or just try it.
    • Of course, we think using Kodak Scan and View with with a Kodak scanner is best. However, we realize there are other devices out there – including fax servers and MFP’s

    • imageIt’s FREE!
      There is no cost to test KSV & DV
      Try it TODAY!

You may be asking …. What’s in it for me?


Reasons Why You Will Care

IT Professionals

  • Ease of installation (Check for yourself. Click here for the Installation, Admin and User Guides)
  • Spans your SharePoint deployments


  • Create Powerful Applications that integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Programmability to allow different groups to have access to the features they need

End Users

  • Easy to use, minimal training
  • Do everything within the SharePoint environment
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies


  • Improve productivity & accountability
  • Enable One Version of The Truth

What are the next steps?

  • Download Scan and View / Document Viewer TODAY!
  • Install it and play with it … use the Sandbox as a test bed
  • Build your own scenarios with your documents and your business processes
  • If you need help … ask Kodak and our partners for guidance.
  • For System Integrators, Independent Software Vendors and Training firms - If you aren't a Kodak partner - sign up today.
  • imageWhat can make Kodak Scan and View even better? Pair it up with the new Kodak i920 scanner (MSRP of $395)

Want to Get Started Today?

imageDownload a FREE 30 Day evaluation of Kodak’s Scan-and-View product. Start here – www.kodak.com/go/sharepoint – enter your country information and click on the Test Drive Now button.

Where can you see Kodak products in action?

Of course, you can download Kodak Scan and View and Kodak Document Viewer for your own use at the link above. You can also see Kodak out in the wild at the following events.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly. I’d be happy to work with you and to put you in touch with your local Kodak team. My contact info is: Jeffrey.Shuey@Kodak.com
M: +1 425 922 8056  Skype: jshuey

We look forward to working with you and to seeing how Kodak can help you build incredible SharePoint solutions.