We were promised Jet Packs

imageBack when I was young … we were told that we’d have flying cars, we’d never need to know how to type, that we’d have colonies on the moon and that we’d have jetpacks.

So, far none of that has come true.

Where is my Jet Pack?

While I don’t really want to fly around in a jet pack … although it would be kinda cool. I do want to see the day when we have flying cars --- which I think we will see before we see Paperless offices.

imageI also want to see the day where we can talk to our computers like Scotty on Star Trek (video) circa 1986 in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Perhaps Siri will get us closer, but it will take a few more years for the technology to improve.

Where (or What) is your Jet Pack?

  • What did you expect to see by now?
  • Do you think you’ll ever see it?
  • What do you expect will be common place by 2025?

Image Credits: Star Trek


Jsaav said…
Jet packs and the average Joe, Hmmmm, might be why they are not widely available, I know plenty of people who if it were, would be a danger to them selves and others,

I expected to see a Tri-Quarte type device by now, at least a light weight version of one that could detect and correctly diagnose a skin disorder, or could at least neutralize pain receptors during the golden hour of a trauma patient. power plant that only required power once to start a cycle of perpetual motion to power a compressed air engine to spin a magnetic coil, with reserve tanks to restart the engine with compressed air after its been shut off.
BiketoWork Barb said…
For years I have been saying "Where's my jet pack?!"

All that exposure to the Jetsons had me thinking we'd get dinner in a pill (well, Willy Wonka gets some of the credit for that too).

A voracious reader, I also thought we'd have something that let us carry around a million books in a small device. Voila--the Kindle!

While I didn't analyze this specifically, I did assume the future would be bright, shiny clean. We would have solved the problems of pollution and waste disposal in a way that made everything great for everyone. My picture of the future didn't have hunger, poverty, homelessness, or illiteracy in it. So I am clearly not living in the future.

That world would probably also have flying unicorns...