The Future of Paper

Paper is not going away. It will be around for a long time. This is OK. Paper is not the enemy. The big question is … What is the future of paper and how will it affect you?
As I have mentioned before --- I still think we will see a commercially available flying car before we see a completely paperless office.
imageSure, some people do have the notion of a completely paperless office.
Note: In the picture there are remnants of what I call “nostalgic paper” --- diplomas, certificates, photos, etc.)
However, very few companies have completely paperless offices. This is OK. Paper is not the enemy.
imageWhy? Because if people travel there are hotel bills and other expenses that still come in that pesky paper format. Shipping departments still receive bills of lading and other shipping related documents. Accounts Payable still receives invoices and purchase orders in that cantankerous paper form too. Most companies still also receive postal service mail too.
My Request: If someone runs their entire business in a completely paperless mode I would like to talk with them and write a case study on how they did it. They are an inspiration to us all and their story should be told.
Some Paper Facts
image image image
4 trillion papers produced and GROWING
22% annually
Over half of all organizations have MORE paper than ever before
Most paper documents are NOT indexed
Paper is NOT the enemy
Getting rid of paper is an admirable goal. Smart companies just need to manage their paper based assets wisely. Don’t get me wrong getting rid of paper should be a goal, but getting rid of paper should not be the ONLY goal. Paper can still play a vital role. The goal is to capture it right the first time and manage it effectively. By managing paper effectively costs can be reduced, profits can be increased and compliance efforts can be maintained.
The Future of Paper

The future of paper is quite secure. Paper will not be going away anytime soon. This is OK. Paper is not the enemy.
Paper is an Asset. Treating it wisely and managing it effectively helps to insure your paper does not turn into a liability. What this means to you is that the paper that crosses your desk or the paper that enters your household or business needs to be managed. Managed wisely … Paper is an Asset.
Next Up: How to manage paper in your office in an automated fashion. Also, Why SharePoint and Paper are made for each other.
Source: Paper Facts came from AIIM (click on link)