Hearsay, Guesses and Reading Between the Lines

imageThis is no way to run a business. If your colleagues and employees are making decisions based on hearsay. If your peers are reading between the lines based on vague or non-existent plans. If your team is making guesses about your business plans you are doing a disservice to your company, your partners and your customers.

A few phrases that may indicate that your team is guessing:

  • But I heard …
  • Aren’t we going to be …
  • I thought we were doing …

The End Result

  • Lack of focus on your business
  • Lack of focus on your customers
  • Lack of focus on your partners

All leading to … a Lack of Business.

What can you do?

  • Be Transparent
  • Communicate Your Goals
  • Include your Partners and Customers

If you don’t share your plans … your employees, colleagues, partners and customers will be forced to make decisions based on Hearsay, Guesses and Reading Between the Lines.

Don’t let that happen. The future of your business depends on it.


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Stacia said…
communication is key in any relationship, personal and professionally being clear on what you want. Great Post!