Friday, March 30, 2012

Escape the Tyranny of the Rubber Band

imageAre you a Rubber Band Warrior?

Do you fight the Tyranny of the Rubber Band every day?

Too often we are trapped by our own thinking, and perhaps that thinking that has been imposed upon us, into believing the walls are fixed in place. Hint: They aren’t!

It takes a lot of energy to Break the Tyranny of the Rubber Band, but fortunately there are plenty of people with enough energy to fight the dreaded snap back to the center.

Do you have the energy necessary to break the hold?


Rubber Bands Serve a Purpose

Potential Energy is stored within a rubber band. When stretched this potential energy serves to keep whatever is within the grasp of the rubber band … in the grasp of the rubber band. Therein lies the problem.

Letting the Good Stuff Out

imageThe problem is that this pent up energy keeps everyone and everything inside the circle. There are times where great ideas are (literally) dying to get out.

A few examples where the good stuff got out. Sometimes at a significant cost to the person breaking free.

Are you a Rubber Band Warrior?

I hope so!

What do you do to Break The Rubber Band?

Share your thoughts here so perhaps we all can break free

(at least … when the time is right)

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