Life is too short ... To NOT live your dreams

imageToday I met Carolyn. It was her first day on the job. After 20 years in a different role ... Today she has a new office.

She told me "Today is the day I get to live my dream"

As you might expect she was smiling, happy and ebullient. She was truly happy to be there. To be present. To be living her dream.
imageShe has her dream job

She told me ... with a huge beaming smile.

As of today ... "When someone asks me where my office is ... I get to tell them it's In The Sky!"

She's living her dream

She also said "Life is too short to not follow your passion"

In case you haven't guessed … Carolyn is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. I was really happy to meet her on her first day and I wish her many more “first day” experiences. I give credit to Brenda E too … another Alaska Air flight attendant for announcing that it was Carolyn’s first day. To which … everyone clapped.

What's your Dream?

  • Are you living your dream?
  • What would it take for you to live your dream?
  • Have you started living it yet?

Something to Consider:
If not now ... When?   If not you ... Who?

If you are so inclined ... Share your dream here in the comments. Why? Because there is something to be said for writing it down and sharing it with the world.

image credit: Alaska Airlines