Why the iPad is NOT a PC replacement ... Yet!

imageiPad’s are great devices for consuming content. They are not great for creating content.

This is not a slam on the iPad. For me these are just the harsh realities of a tablet device. I'm sure other tablet devices are out there (there are others, right?) have the same limitations.

What iPad's do NOT do well … in my experience:

  • Blog posts – formatting, layout and finished product
  • VPN access to corporate networks
  • Making graphics ready for inclusion in blog posts

    I’m sure there are apps for this, but I don't have them and to be honest I am not interested in paying for them.

    imageDon't get me wrong - I love my iPad. It is amazing at the things it is good at.

    What are iPad’s good for?

    iPad’s are great devices for:

  • Consuming Content
  • Lightweight content creation – writing the core elements
  • Battery life ... Mine goes 10+ hours

    What iPad’s are GREAT for:

    • Travel - checking mail, posting pictures, FaceTime, Skype ... and just generally staying in touch. I took a 2 week trip to Italy and the iPad was the perfect device for all of the points above … and for maps too.
    • Reading email (but not for formatting detailed replies)
    • Consuming content - news, pictures, videos and everything else that is content centric

    I’m not looking to replace my iPad anytime soon. It is great for what it is and does. It is a fantastic device – fun to use, easy to use and it’s a device that brings a smile to my face pretty much every time I use it. However, there are limitations. For me the iPad just is not going to replace my PC in the near future.

    What do you think?

    • Are you able to replace your PC with your iPad?
    • Do you expect tablets to take over and dominate (like the PC has for 30+ years)?
    • What do you use your iPad for most – business or personal use?

    Look for my follow on post for how I use my iPad.

    Image Credit: Graphic Leftovers

  • Comments

    Anonymous said…
    If it doesn't run office or visual studio it's not a computer.
    Bob Dunn said…
    Hey Jeff, great post as I have been thinking these same things off and on. For me, I will always have my desktop iMac, but when I'm on the go, or traveling, it's all iPad. Checking email and social media, posting updates, etc.. It's all I use to read books anymore as well.

    I pretty much use it as you illustrated. But also, it's a nice change when doing my presentations and speaking gigs. With Keynote and my iPhone as the remote, I'm good to go.

    There is the challenge of actually creating content, such a blog posts just because of the lack of a decent sized keyboard. Fortunately between WordPress and some apps, I'm able to do quite a bit, but not everything I wish I could. I am one to spend the bucks on apps to make my life on the go easier though... And since I have been on Mac forever, apps such as Keynote, Numbers, Pages, etc all come easy and natural for me.

    And I must admit, Evernote is probably my number one app on all my devices... couldn't live without that one.

    So in the end, it's not replacing my desktop PC in any near future, but I am noticing more dust on my MacBook Pro : )
    Jeff Shuey said…
    Thanks for the comments guys. I have a follow on blog post in the works for what I do use my iPad for. Evernote is featured prominently. So is TED. It will be out shortly. I look forward to your comments on it too. Thanks again!
    Anonymous said…
    You can't open MS Office attachments on iPad, let alone any spreadsheet productivity
    Stuart said…
    I disagree with the blanket statement that iPads (or tablets) are not good for creating content. Here are a couple of examples of how great they are for specific scenarios, including art and DJs.

    Another one is email, that practically everyone uses them for; that is content creation ;-)

    It all comes down to what the user's requirements are.