Book Review of Likeonomics by Rohit Bhargava

imageI just finished Likeonomics by Rohit Bhargava.

Thanks to Liz Marshall for getting me connected with Wiley for the book to be delivered just after SOBCon.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s a quick read
  • Filled with practical advice
  • Studded with real world examples that almost everyone will recognize

What I really liked

  • There were a few more esoteric (at least to me) stories that caught and kept my attention.
    • For example;
      • The Lie Doctor and the Dalai Lama (page 61)
      • The Differentiation Ideal developed by Youngme Moon (page 40)
      • Solve complicated problems with pictures (Back of the Napkin thinking) with Dan Roam (page 124)
  • I highlighted quite a few sections where there was something for me to remember ... Or where I needed to do some homework.
    • For example;
      • Why Results Matter more than Data (page 54)
      • The Five Why’s (page 127)
      • What’s the ROI of your Mother? This is very akin to Liz Strauss’ thoughts on “The ROI of your Phone?”
  • Best of all … there was just the right balance of research to new content.

Why should you buy / read this book?

  • For a fresh perspective on how and why people respond and react to different situations.
  • You will find yourself sharing what you learned. I know I have more than a few times.
  • You will be able to put at least one of the TRUST traits to use immediately (Hint: There are five TRUST Traits and they start with the first letters of TRUST).

I challenge anyone that reads likeonomics to try at least a few of the ideas that Rohit covers. I think anyone that puts the thinking and openness into practice will find their ROI of Likeability very quickly

I predict everyone that reads likeonomics will find they have at least one "Aha Moment” --- I had several. Some of which I have already acted upon and several are still in the works.

Where can you buy this book (affiliate link) from amazon hardcover or kindle edition. For a few more details from the Wiley site (the publisher) see why Likeability Has Become Today's New Currency.


If you read the book let me know what you liked. Also, join the conversation. Rohit has set up a Likeonomics site and is both engaging to readers and is also transparent to his thought process.

Thanks to Rohit for writing the book and thanks again to Liz for getting me a copy to review. I would like to extend an apology to Liz because I did read this book within a few days of receiving it. I also wrote the guts of the review right away, but my excuse (and I hate excuses) is that my travel schedule got too hectic and I was unable to take the time I felt the review needed. Well, I rectified that today and I hope Liz, Rohit and everyone that reads the review picks up the book and puts likeonomics into action today.

Good Reading!


Rohit Bhargava said…
Thanks so much for posting this, Jeff ... well worth waiting for! You did a great job of distilling some of the lessons from the book and I'm really happy that you found it useful enough to write about and share!
Jeff Shuey said…
Sorry I had a typo. I fixed it ... it was supposed to say I did READ likeonomics within a few days of RECEIVING it.