It Started with a Demo

imageDay Three was kicked off by Vikram Chalana – Co-Founder and CTO of Winshuttle.  He spoke about the PACE Layered Model and how it is driving the Winshuttle product roadmap for 2013 and beyond. Then he showed a few demos of how these efforts are shaping up for today and the future. Impressive Stuff!

Pace-Layered: A new methodology for categorizing applications and developing a differentiated management and governance process that reflects how they are used and their rate of change.

The Day Three Sessions were geared towards learning. I was happy to see customers and partners taking the time to learn more about the core products and also about some of the horizontal and vertical solution areas. Some of the hot topics were Master Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDG / MDM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Controls (FICO).

imageIf you are wondering What’s a WUG? Click here for the WUG Day 1 Recap and here is a Day Two Recap.

The gist is … it’s a place where hundreds of like minded individuals and companies come together to share their successes with WinShuttle. It’s great to see such a committed and passionate group of people willing to take the time to meet in one place and to share what they have learned so the group as a whole can grow and do more.

Partners Make It Happen. Customers Make It Real

The energy and passion from the attendees is palpable. People wanting to share how they solved a specific challenge. People wanting to know how to make their Winshuttle deployment even better.

Seeing customers present their solutions was the highlight for me. Companies like Coca-Cola, REI, Microsoft, US Sugar, Welch Allyn, Kellogg’s, UNESCO, Research In Motion, IDEO, Freescale Semiconductor and many others was exciting. They are so committed and so focused on sharing their successes so that others can do the same. This is the truest sense of the community. People getting together to share what they know.

Partners were also a highlight for me. I work directly with a few of them and I was happy to get a chance to meet partners that came from far off places to share what they know. Partners are the secret sauce for Winshuttle. Our partner community is growing and we are committed to helping that effort, In my role I manage a specific group of System Integration partners and I am seeking to expand our partnerships with other SI’s and ISV’s that have regional, vertical and horizontal solution area expertise. My contact details are below if you are interested in growing your business by driving Big Data / ERP solution excellence in conjunction with SharePoint deployments please let me know.

Day Three Pics

A few pictures from day three

Next Up --- WUG 2013 – Where do you think it will be held?

If you missed the WUG 2012 never fear. We are here to help you with your SAP, Oracle and SharePoint integration needs. We have a fantastic team and an incredible group of partners around the world at the ready.

We even have a little something to get you started:

Winshuttle has a BoGo deal for you. Buy One – Get One. Click here or on the image below for details. We also have 15 Day Free Trial Evals.


We hope to see you in person next year. Finally, if you work with SAP and want to integrate your SAP data with Microsoft SharePoint please check out the links below or feel free to contact me directly --- jeff.shuey@winshuttle.com or mobile: +1 425 922 8056


Need more info about Winshuttle products? There is a lot more information, including quite a few written and video case studies, on the Winshuttle web site. Here are a few links to get your started.

Full Disclosure: I work for Winshuttle and I’m really excited by all the great things going on with our customers and partners. I’m always happy to connect with people directly or on social media channels to see how we might be able to help each other.

Jeff Shuey is a veteran in the Enterprise Content Management industry. Over the past 20 years he has worked with customers and partners to design, develop and deploy solutions around the world. Jeff is currently the Director of Strategic Alliances at Winshuttle. He has worked for Microsoft, FileNet, K2, Captaris, Open Text, Kofax and Kodak. He speaks and blogs about ECM and the Intersection between Social, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

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