The Things We Cherish Define Us

imageThis week there were four great examples of art imitating life.

That something as simple as an Origami Swan made from a gum wrapper can make such a huge difference in the life of one person says a lot about human nature.

I realize this is just a commercial, but I know there are a few things I keep that remind me of people I know, or have known, that remind me of them. A handwritten note, a coin, a map or even an origami swan made from a gum wrapper.

I’m guessing you have a few of these keepsakes too.

What have you held onto for extended periods of time that remind your of loved ones or significant events in your life?

The Things We Cherish Define Us

The Extra Gum is yet another great video commercial that came out this week that showed the incredibleness of human nature.

Three other great examples I saw are Guinness’ Basketball Game, Chipotle’s The Scarecrow and a Thai Cable Company’s Take on Giving. Take a moment to watch them. I predict you will laugh, smile and perhaps even cry. It’s these little hand holds to life that we keep close and that serve to keep us closer to ourselves and to humanity as a whole.

If you haven’t seen this video take a look. If you have already seen it … watch again. Enjoy!

Here is the link if the one above doesn’t work.

Video Credit: Extra Gum