Simple Mount for a Tablet Device

imageHave you ever wanted to watch TED talks or catch up on email or the news while you on your elliptical trainer, treadmill or stationary bike?

If you get tired of holding your device in your hands or balancing it on the precarious edges here is a simple and in my case FREE way to make your own Tablet Mount.

This took me less than 5 minutes to build. It actually took me longer to take the pictures than it did to build it. And it took me twice that long to write this post. So, I hope you like this and that at least one person will build something similar.

Five Minute Tablet Mount

WP_20131119_022It’s not pretty, but it is very functional. It doesn’t need to hold much weight so there is no need to over-engineer this piece of plastic. All it needs to do it provide a bit of horizontal stability. Whether you use the foam pieces or not doesn’t matter.

The Parts

  • PVC Pipe
  • Zip Ties
  • Packing Foam

The Tools

  • Hacksaw
  • Drill motor
  • Drill Bit (1/4 inch)
  • File (to deburr and round the edges)

The Build

It’s pretty simple. Mark the width of the cross bar, mark the location for the 4 holes. Drill the holes. The location is not that important. Just as long as they are spaced far enough apart to span the cross bar where it will be attached.

Put the Zip Ties through the holes, place the half-tube on the cross bar and connect the zip ties. Slide the tube to the place your want it and snug up the zip ties. Optionally cut the ends of the zip ties to make it pretty. And …

Voila! You have a Tablet Mount for less than $5 and 5 Minutes.

The Finished Product

WP_20131119_021 (1)It’s Ugly, but functional.

If you take the time to build this please take some pics and let me see how yours turned out.

Have fun and keep exercising.

This was built for my Microsoft Surface.

No Tablets were harmed in the making of this Tablet Mount.

Note to Chevrolet … If you would like to send me a 2014 Corvette I will be happy to see if I can find a way to mount my tablet device. But … not for use while I’m driving.