2014 ... Back to my roots, again

Gimmal For those that may not have heard or noticed I have joined Gimmal. And I need your help!

First off, you might be asking yourself ...
What the heck is a Gimmal?

Well, that's easy. If you look at our logo you'll see. It's a set of interlocking gears that make a system go. Think of a traditional watch. Watchmakers of today and yesteryear are incredible craftsmen.
As are the software team at Gimmal.

Now that you know what a Gimmal is let's talk about how we can work together. In my role as the Director of Strategic Alliances I will be working with existing partners and seeking new partners to extend our reach to companies that need to manage their content in a predictable and repeatable manner.

I need your help

I can only be successful by working with partners. Help Me to Help You!

SNAGHTML17fd2d9We should work together if any of The Three Simple Questions impact your business or if you have needs in the Today and Tomorrow sections below. For the Three Simple Questions … click over to this blog post for more details about Content Governance.

Why am I excited about Joining Gimmal?

Because of the people I get to work with, because of the customers I get to help and the partners I get to build innovative business opportunities around. Many of the people at Gimmal have been in the Knowledge Management and Enterprise Content Management industry for a long time.

I have had the pleasure of working with many of them before Gimmal in my roles at Microsoft, K2 and Kodak. I have also worked with a lot of the partners and many of the customers too. The Microsoft and ECM partner community is big, but it’s tightly knit. I have has the privilege of working on hundreds of deployments in the Oil & Gas space, the Financial Services sector, the Health and Life Sciences arenas and in Government, Media & Entertainment, Retail and many other market segments. I’m excited about working with all of them again to help insure Content Governance and SharePoint adoption become part of their business success stories.

What does Gimmal do?

Today – Contact Me if you do any (or all) of these:

Tomorrow – If your business is growing and you are looking to include these, ping me:

  • Records Management and Compliance on a SharePoint site near you
  • Records Management and Compliance come to Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Windows Azure
  • Change Management comes to SharePoint – Managing your Legacy Systems and SharePoint efforts.

image Check out GimmalPoint

  • It's available right now --- Try it today on the Microsoft Windows Phone Store (link)
  • Works on Windows Phone and Windows 8 / 8.1 
  • Read More here on the GimmalPoint press release link
  • Of course, we encourage you to use GimmalPoint  with your own SharePoint sites to see how it works within your own environment

How can we work together?

If you are a partner we should talk. By partner I mean System Integrator, ISV or Training firm that focuses on SharePoint. You don’t need to be an expert in the Records Management or Compliance space. However, if you have a Forensics, eDiscovery or Compliance practice and focus … we should talk.

Where you'll see me? On the road at SharePoint events, SAP events and places where Records and Compliance are being discussed.

Blogs ... Yes, I will continue to blog here and a few other places. And I'll be on the road again doing what I love to do. Seeing you! I get energized talking with customers, partners and colleagues that live in the ECM world. Especially when they have real-world challenges to address and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Building Solutions is a Contact Sport!

Back to my roots, again!

It's great to be back in the traditional ECM market again. The industry has continued to grow and thrive. And, truth be told, I never really left. I spent time with a few companies that feed into the overall ECM industry. Gimmal fills a niche that has continued to need attention. I'm happy to be able to put my focus and skills here and help a lot of companies and partners address a challenge each of them face (whether they want to admit it or not). The need for Compliance, Records and Surfacing Data in SharePoint continue to be areas where almost every company can use a little expertise and guidance. My colleagues at Gimmal can help.

The Future of SharePoint (aka the FOSP) is alive and well and Gimmal products align very nicely today and tomorrow. Some of the more advanced features coming out now and into 2014 will help a lot of customers and the partners that support them. It's going to be an exciting year. I know I’m excited ... let’s get started!!

I want to know ... How can I help you?

Call me, email me or find me at a conference. My contact details are mostly still the same. Just a new email address and website for you to add to your contact list.

email Jeff.Shuey@Gimmal.com
Mobile +1 425 922 8056 
LinkedIn in/JeffShuey

As most everyone that knows me knows I am always open to think through ideas. If you aren't sure if your company needs help with compliance, records management or Content Governance just ask yourself The 3 Simple Questions.

This same thought process applies to partners too. And is especially true if you work for a System Integrator, ISV or a Training firm we should talk. I can almost guarantee your customers need help with Content Governance and Information Lifecycle Management.

Let's Talk!


Jeff is a expert in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He is an international speaker and writer on the Intersection of People and Process in Social, Mobile and Cloud Computing. He is a contributing author to Elite Daily and to the Personal Branding Blog. Over the past 20 years he has worked with customers and partners to design, develop and deploy solutions around the world. He has worked for Microsoft, FileNet (IBM), K2, Captaris, Open Text, Kofax, Kodak and Winshuttle. Currently he is the Director of Strategic Alliances and Gimmal.
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