Amazing things happen on Trains

imageFor Throwback Thursday …
I rode the Train from Seattle to Portland.

I have to admit I really enjoyed the Amtrak ride.

Simple. Easy. Fun.

It was a piece of cake to get a ticket, to board and to ride.

I saw amazing things - salt marshes, tug boats, quaint little towns with equally quaint train stations. There was even a Christmas tree farm on the down slopes of Mt. Rainier. We passed through so many towns that I have only seen on a map or passed by on Interstate 5.

Added Bonus: The people working for Amtrak are incredibly nice. The other passengers were too.

imageIf you are going to Ride the Rails here are a few Things to Bring:

  1. Your mobile phone with mapping software loaded
    -  You WILL want to click
    "Where Am I?" more than a few times
  2. Tablet, Laptop, Phablet 
    - Yes, there is power!
    - Which means … bring your chargers!!
  3. A few bucks. Both for the food and perhaps to leave a tip here and there.
  4. Most of all … Bring a sense of adventure!

Maybe I was just lulled by the rhythmic swaying of the train, but I think there is something to be said for riding the rails. I will be back.