And so it begins ... FY15 is here

image Every July 1st a momentous event occurs in Redmond.

It is the day when the new Fiscal Year begins for Microsoft

FY15 Has a lot of Promise

There are a few indicators I see as holding a lot of promise for FY15. A few of them are listed below. There are others that are in flight now and I will continue to monitor them as the Fiscal Year kicks off and the marching orders trickle down.

  • Partnering
    • Microsoft IS a partnering organization
    • Microsoft is doubling down on a lot of partner bets.
    • Microsoft needs Partners and vice-versa
  • Satya and Phil
    • This is their Year!
    • Satya Nadella is the new CEO and has a lot riding on FY15
    • Phil Sorgen is the new Channel Chief. He’s the #1 advocate for partners. I am happy to say he has been fantastic. He has worked with the IAMCP and the partner community as a whole. I am very optimistic with Phil in Charge.
  • WPC
    • imageThe Worldwide Partner Conference is the Coming Out Party for Satya and Phil
    • This is their opportunity to Show & Tell the partners (and indirectly the customer base) what to expect and where Microsoft is headed in FY15.
    • WPC begins in less than 2 weeks. You can still attend.
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My Three Words - Cloud, Azure, Windows 8

Every Fiscal Year has new marching orders that are passed down from the top.

My Three Words for FY15 are a continuation of what we heard in FY14.

They are Cloud, Azure, Windows 8

  • Cloud - Office 365 is making a big dent.
  • Azure - SAP is making a big bet ... With Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Mobile & Windows 8 - The Nokia acquisition will kick into gear. I expect to see a flood of new devices and form factors.

What do you think?

What will FY15 hold:

  • For you
  • For partners
  • For customers
  • For Microsoft

Drop a comment here on on any of my social streams. I’d like to hear your thoughts on FY15.

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