Three Scenarios for why I’ll Pay for an Automated Car

I’m ready! Are you?

We’ve all heard about the Google Cars that are driving around and snapping pictures for Street View shots. This is great and I’m sure there have been very few jobs impacted. That is about to change. image

I think we are on the cusp of a much more automated automobile society. In the US this will be a challenge. Especially in the west where everyone is a cowboy and wants to drive where they want, when they want and use as many resources as they want. I suspect this is about to change.

I embrace my Robot Overlords. I want and expect automated vehicles to do a lot of things in the coming decades. For the immediate future I want and expect to see these three scenarios play out. I will gladly pay for them and I think you will too.

1. Pick up my coffee order

Yes, I want the automated vehicle to stop by the local coffee shop. I predict that the smart coffee shops (and other food service providers and retailers – see #3) will want to do this. The automated car can go thru the drive thru or they can create a special queue for them to place the products inside. There are nuances related to carriers, keeping things hot, not spilling, etc. But, all of these can be addressed and solved.

  • Revenue Happens: This is a revenue opportunity for Starbucks and any other forward thinking coffee shop.
  • Another Option: Have an onboard coffee service – this could be you in-car Keurig. Where you pick your K-Cup while you are on the go. The vehicles can return to the base for re-stocking after the morning rush.

2. Pick me up

I would love to be able to sit back and do nothing if I choose. Or to make calls, send emails, or even watch the news of a movie. No longer will we be required to pay attention to the traffic. It will be just like having your own personal driver. Except you only have to pay them for the time you need them.

  • Call me, tweet me, text me - when you are close.

  • Of course, I’m talking about the car communicating with me.

  • As an autonomous vehicle it knows where it is and knows, because it communicates with other vehicles and systems, when it will be at the destination.
  • Line Extensions:
    • Offer me a sleeper car
    • Offer me WiFi
    • Offer me business services (FedEx / Kinko's )

    3. Pick up my dinner order AND deliver it to the destination I select

    I may want to order dinner on my way home. Or I may want to send it to a specific location. Because orders can be processed online there is no need to send someone out to get it. Just send a car.

    • This could be a boon for local restaurants that want to augment their kitchen utilization.
    • This could easily be extended to many other types of retailers – Target, The Gap, Nordstrom, etc.
    • This could be the actual replacement for the Amazon Drone project. A more terrestrially oriented model until they can get the drone idea off the ground (pun intended).

    I’ll Pay!

    I'd pay for all three of these and probably a lot more.


    It's all about time. And time is money.

    I'm willing to trade my money to get some time back.

    I’m ready! Are you?

    This is post 1 of several on Autonomous Automobiles and how they will impact us in the coming decades. I embrace my robot overlords.

    Image Credit: The Verge


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